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May 11, 2020

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Recruitment

Sanne Hillemans
Sanne Hillemans Talent Hacker

Here at LevelUp we live and breathe tech recruitment. But whenever we tell people at parties about our work, it’s always followed by a lot of questions. So, we want to share some of those questions with you and provide the answers. Hopefully, you will get a better understanding of what it is we actually do. 

What is tech recruitment?

Let’s start with the most obvious one. What is it? When talking to our grandparents, we usually just tell them that we help IT companies find staff. But with you, we can go a little more into it.

Tech recruitment is short for technical recruitment and also known as IT recruitment. The goal is to find candidates that fit specific technical roles, such as developers and engineers.

We do this by sourcing (looking online for candidates with a matching profile, for instance on LinkedIn) and by reviewing applications. But of course, that’s not where it ends. We also have phone calls with candidates to see if they could be a fit and we help with or guide the interview process. In the final stages, we will present the candidate with an offer and mediate any possible negotiations.  

How is tech recruitment different from general recruitment?

The main difference between the two is an in-depth knowledge of the industry. You don’t need to tell a tech recruiter what the difference is between a backend developer and a full-stack developer. You don’t even need to tell them what a tech stack is. Most tech recruiters are sponges that soak up all the information and save it in their brain to use later on. So, when they talk to developers every day, they pick up a thing or two. 

What is a technical recruiter?

The rockstars that specialize in finding candidates for tech-related jobs are called technical (or tech) recruiters. The key to this job is having a combination of soft skills and technical knowledge. Tech recruiters are always finding new ways to reach top talent, but they also create a network that they keep in touch with to stay up to date on the latest developments.

These are some of the responsibilities of a tech recruiter: 

  • Writing job descriptions and specifications (which is so much more than just a list of requirements)
  • Making selections (they value the time of the company and will try to prevent the hiring manager from wasting time on candidates that are not fit for the job).
  • Interviewing and assessing the candidates to find the best talent to present to the hiring manager. 
  • Guiding the candidate through the process and helping both parties to see the benefits (and risks) of the collaboration. 
  • Navigating the many other offers the candidate may get by helping them understand why this job and this company are the best next steps for them. 

What challenges do tech recruiters encounter?

One of the hardest things about tech recruitment is the fact that there is a very high need for people with technical skills, and not enough people to fulfil that need. Developers are being approached almost every day with amazing job opportunities, so if you want to stand out, you need to be original.

Tech recruiters need to be creative and persistent, always looking for new ways to approach and engage candidates.

Also, it’s not easy for a non-techie to remember all the many different terms that are normal in this industry. But even though it provides many challenges, the rewards are great as well. The moment we have tried to talk to a candidate and they respond to our funny and inviting email is a moment of celebration. We put a lot of work into getting a response and eventually even getting a candidate hired. So, when it works… There is nothing like it. 

Are you looking to level up your team?

You are not the only one. Right now there are so many vacancies for tech-related jobs that the people who specialise in this field can take their pick. You may have a list of requirements and you may even be able to find some perfect candidates. However, they receive multiple messages on a daily basis, and often… they’re not even looking for a new job. 

You are the expert when it comes to your own business. And that’s why we can work in-house with you to find out what makes your company a great place to work. With your unique selling points and our experience with reaching out to candidates in an original way, we are able to overcome any hiring challenge. 

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