Case study: Embedded Recruiting

Leveraging an efficient hiring process for rapidly scaling CIAO's team

About CIAO

CIAO is an innovative SaaS Startup on its path to digitally transform workplace management. The platform allows users to easily make desk reservations, optimize workspaces and overcome potential objections to the new way of working. CIAO allows employees to choose when and where they want to work.

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The Challenge

With the launch of their new workplace management platform, CIAO needed to rapidly and efficiently scale their team while paying attention to the culture and team fit. 

With no existing talent function in-house and no recruitment processes in place, CIAO couldn’t sustain the rapid growth the team needed. Also, with no employer brand and relying only on the team’s network, they couldn’t attract and hire the right talent for their startup. 

The new platform required building teams fast and for cultural fit.
The recruitment strategies and processes were missing.
Low visibility of the open roles due to the lack of an employer brand strategy.

Tech Startup

6 Hires

22 Days Avg. Time to Hire

Tech Startup

6 Hires

22 Days Avg.
Time to Hire

The Results

Working in-house as part of CIAO’s team, we hired rapidly and efficiently 6 open roles.

Rapidly & efficiently scale CIAO's team

We hired 6 roles, from which 1 product role and 5 tech roles, with an average time to hire of 22 days, twice lower than the industry average.

Hired Roles:
  • Salesforce Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Senior Front End Developer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Product Owner
  • UI/UX Designer

Implement hiring processes

Coordinating the recruitment operations, we built up the hiring process from scratch: setting up an applicant tracking system via Recruitee, advising on job descriptions and job marketing, as well as providing assistance on interview techniques.

Optimise the employer branding

To improve the visibility of the open roles, we created the CIAO’s career page through Recruitee, working on copywriting, SEO and the creative elements of the page.

The LevelUp team ran the process in an excellent way. They operate as if they are the HR manager of CIAO and took care of the whole process. Also, the quality of the job descriptions and the Recruitee company page were great! We see that you have experience, that it is your core service as our core service is providing a great reservation tool and service to our customers. As said often, there are too many of these CV pushers out there but quality recruitment
like you deliver is very rare.

The Recruiting Team

Kristina Javûrková

Senior Tech Recruiter

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