How to choose
the right candidates
for your company?

Thursday, October 13th | 15:15 - 18:00 

In-person| TNW City

In this interactive interview training, we will uncover our interviewing techniques that will help Founders & C-level to:

Define the ideal candidate profile

Ask the right interview questions to assess competencies & skills

Make unbiased hiring decisions after the interview


Vincent van den Ende

Prior to starting his role as Chief Commercial Officer at LevelUp, Vincent spent several years in executive search and marketing roles, creating in-depth knowledge of human and business interactions and focusing on personality analysis and competency-based interviews. Now, he is working closely with founders, talent teams and investors of tech companies to build their leadership teams.

Secret talent: Bird watching and IMDb quizmaster


Matt Sabbatini

Combining recruitment with his creative mindset, Matt uses out-of-the-box techniques when attracting and hiring hard-to-find talent. At LevelUp, he works together with startups and scale-ups to grow their tech and commercial teams, providing advice on hiring processes for optimal efficiency and conducting interview trainings for hiring managers. 

Secret talent: Crossfit enthusiast, custom-made memes

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