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We hustle to fix your talent challenge now while also investing in your future access to talent.

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Tech Recruitment

Startups, Scaleups and corporate startups are in dire need of scarce tech talent. Whether it’s a SaaS Account Executive, designer, data scientist or developer, we support these companies by taking care of parts of entire hiring plans, or parts of it.


No tech role is the same and our recruiters know it. We constantly improve our methods to better reach and engage talent. We do this by driving inbound talent with profile and vacancy improvements and job marketing where it counts.


Next to that, we attract possible candidates with outbound activities. Our sourcing efforts are tailored to your company’s needs to identify suitable talent and engage them with personal messaging. 


We will pre-select talent and coordinate interviews with your team. The aim is to build relationships with future hires. So we log all our efforts in your own Applicant Tracking System for later reference, in case they are not ready to join your team just yet. When we find a possible match we will assist you with crafting the right offer and support you in negotiations to seal the deal. 


Employer Branding

It’s one thing to have a fantastic culture, team and perks, but if no one knows about it, it isn’t helping your hiring. We dive deep in your company culture, find out what sets you apart as a great place to work and help tell your story. By showing the world who you are, the values your team lives by and what vision you are striving towards, we set the course so future talent comes to you. 


We will establish your presence online by optimising your career page, creating a social media strategy to illustrate your team culture and a content strategy to support your visibility in the industry. In addition, we will focus on improving your employee retention by working on your onboarding process and employee engagement.

“We had over 400 applications and LevelUp created structure in the process and made sure they were on top of everything (and got the hires).” 

– Sara van Geloven, Editor-In-Chief A.I. at Polarsteps 


Our Approach

From your office... or Zoom room

We bring a flexible in-office recruiting team. By working from your office, we get a better feel of the product, team and culture, and we celebrate success as a team. You may need someone on your side of the table, for advice. 

And yes, we’ll deliver the bad news too. We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you hire the people who bring your company to life, so you are free to build a company that lasts.

Agile Recruitment

We may not know you yet, but we understand start-ups and scale-ups. Therefore, agility and flexibility is at our core. We have learned and adapted our processes to better fit and integrate with our clients. 

Plans and priorities change. With that, recruitment often has to change too. We can give you that flexible capacity. 

Our Process

Partner kick-off
Partner kick-off

company goals + timelines

Profile intakes & talent mapping
Profile intakes & talent mapping

gathering requirements + team goals

Profile intakes & talent mapping
Profile intakes & talent mapping

marketing/career page optimization

Start of sourcing candidates & job
Start of sourcing candidates & job

marketing/career page optimization


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