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Talent Search

Startups, Scaleups and corporate startups are in dire need of scarce tech talent. Whether it’s SaaS Specialists, Product Engineering, Data Scientists or Developers, we support these companies by handling part of their hiring plan, from 1 to 5 tech vacancies.


No tech role is the same, and our tech recruiters know it. We continuously improve our methods to better reach and engage talent. We do this by driving inbound talent with profile and vacancy improvements and job marketing where necessary.


Next to that, we attract possible candidates with outbound activities. Our sourcing efforts are tailored to your company’s needs to identify suitable talent and engage them, personally and efficiently.


We will pre-select talent and coordinate interviews with your team. The aim is to build relationships with future hires. So we log all our efforts in your own Applicant Tracking System for later reference, in case they are not ready to join your team just yet. When we find a possible match, we will help you craft the right offer and support you in negotiations to seal the deal.

Embedded Recruiting

Scaling up requires an agile approach to talent and a partner that can grow with your needs. Suited for more than five roles, embedded recruiting is a recruitment process outsourcing solution based on a long-term collaboration. This allows us to become more effective: the more we learn about you, the better we can invest in your recruiting strategy and process optimisation.

Similar to talent search, embedded recruiting balances outbound sourcing with optimised inbound channels by leveraging the data, the culture and the online presence you already have. We identify, engage and hire scarce talent, personally and efficiently.

Whether we are working directly with the founders or as interim tech recruiters in your existing talent acquisition team, you always get the right specialist so you are free to build a scale-up that lasts.

HR Strategy Workshops

When it comes to rapid sustainable business growth, human capital is just as important as financial capital and a well-thought-out HR strategy can set you up for success. Partnering with VCs, we support growing startups and scaleups in the portfolio with their talent strategy by providing founders with tailored HR advice on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

In these sessions, we will cover talent challenges ranging from hiring strategy (recruiting, remuneration, retention) to HR & operations (organisation structure, development), as well as expansion (leadership assessment, future management team). 

Based on the startup’s need, we drill-down to the root cause of your growth bottlenecks and provide you with suggested methods, potential partners, or other next steps that can be taken towards a solution.

“We had over 400 applications and LevelUp created structure in the process and made sure they were on top of everything (and got the hires).”
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Sara van Geloven
Editor-In-Chief A.I. at Polarsteps

Our Approach

From your office... or Zoom room

We bring a flexible in-office recruiting team. By working from your office, we get a better feel of the product, team and culture, and we celebrate success as a team. You may need someone on your side of the table, for advice. 

And yes, we’ll deliver the bad news too. We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you hire the people who bring your company to life, so you are free to build a company that lasts.


Agile Recruitment

We may not know you yet, but we understand start-ups and scale-ups. Therefore, agility and flexibility is at our core. We have learned and adapted our processes to better fit and integrate with our clients. 

Plans and priorities change. With that, recruitment often has to change too. We can give you that flexible capacity. 

Our Process

Partner kick-off
Partner kick-off

Company goals + timelines

Profile intakes & talent mapping
Profile intakes & talent mapping

Gathering requirements + team goals

Sourcing candidates & Job advertising
Sourcing candidates & Job advertising

Marketing/career page optimization

Reaching out & Selection
Reaching out & Selection

Interviews and assessments


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