Who we are

We speak the language of people who talk differently

Our Why

Growth hacking emerged from traditional marketing. We believe recruiting is going through a similar revolution. 

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This high-demand environment,  competing for scarce talent, requires a completely new breed of recruiters – we call them Talent Hackers.

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Startups, Scale-ups and big tech are driving impact and innovation. Whether a slight improvement in a booking process, or a massive sustainability initiative: we believe in this force for good. 

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They have a deep understanding of the roles they recruit for, use tech and testing to reach their objectives and are an honest and trusted partner for the leaders who need to grow their teams.
“At SEOshop, I had more than 30 open vacancies and I suddenly realized that none of the recruiting agencies could truly help me to find great talent to support our hyper growth. They were great sales people trying to make a deal, but they were unable to grasp the specific challenges we were having. They had never met me or been to the company,
so how could they?”

Aik Deveneijns – Founder & CEO

How we do it

When you partner with LevelUp, you get a team of passionate tech recruiters tailored to your talent needs.

As your trusted advisors, we will consult, train and adapt our industry knowledge to your talent challenge and commit to growing your team.

We work in-office as we believe only a close collaboration can lead to success. As we understand your business, we can best consult you.

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What we do

We love to recruit and build awesome teams for fast growing and long-lasting tech companies.

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These are the folks behind LevelUp Ventures.

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We believe tech recruiting needs a revolution.
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